Job Placement / Career opportunities

Air hostess/cabin crew Training Institute Delhi jobs

Though there are ample job prospects in aviation and the other related industry, however the most promising one and most look after is that of ‘Air Hostess’ and of ‘Flight Steward’

  • Air Hostess is a special realm for young girls who aim for a promising career in the aviation industry.
  • Not only girls, even young male aspirants are equally-entitled to become flight stewards/cabin crew attendant.
  • This career is high paying too.

As far as job opportunities in Aviation and other related sectors are concerned, there exists a large pool of vacancies. By opening the doors for private airlines, new gates have been opened for Air Hostesses/Cabin crew as a booming career  Moreover, as every airline tends to expand its flying area so more opportunities are automatically created in the future. The growth trajectory of an Air Hostess sails through promotion to the post of Senior Flight Attendant and then to Head Attendant. The average career span as an Air Hostess generally lasts for about eight to ten years, after that she could shift on to the ground duties that includes the job of a Check Hostess, Ground Hostess, training to the air hostess or work at the management level.

* The Institution will keep the students updated with the upcoming job opportunities, from time to time. We will also assist our students in their placements, in Aviation and other allied sectors, through our inner placement cell as well as other resources.