Grooming tips for Air Hostess Training Students

Grooming tips for Air hostess Course students

Quick method to remove makeup without hassle

Though it takes lots of efforts and enormous time to apply layers of makeup on our face for an occasion, removing it is also a task. According to the beauty experts, only washing the face is not enough to get rid of it.

According to them, we should follow some tips for the safe removal of makeup without harming our skin. One of the methods is as follows: –

  • Take a cotton swab and place some drops of Jojoba oil on it (jojoba oil is known to be an effective cleanser for the skin).
  • Apply it gently on the face.
  • It will take off the makeup and other impurities from the skin.
  • It also nourishes the skin by penetrating the pores.
  • This way we can clean off the makeup as well as nurture our skin.


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