Few fitness tips for Air hostess/cabin crew

rendered-300x150 Few fitness tips for Air hostess/cabin crew
essential tips for fitness of Air hostess/cabin crew

Air hostesses have to spend a lot of time on the flights. But due to longer flight hours, they have to maintain their health and fitness. They can’t ignore any of these. To keep themselves as fit as fiddle, they have to adapt and follow certain rules: –

      * First of all, the air inside a plane is very dry. So an air hostess should keep herself hydrated. For this, she should drink a lot of water. This keeps her skin moist and flawless.

* They should consume as much fluid as they can in the form of coconut water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

     * For fitness, they should also eat healthy and balanced diet. Process food must be avoided.

     * They must prefer fresh food rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals in required ratio.

    * They should drink hot water twice or thrice a day to detoxify their body.

    * Including Fresh fruits and vegetable salad will boost their well-being.

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