Diploma in Air Hostess/Cabin Crew Training

Air Hostess Training course Delhi 7

Course Duration (12 months)

Eligibility for Air Hostess/Cabin Crew Course

Considering the Aviation Industry the eligibility criteria is as below –


Class 12thpassed students in any stream and from any board are eligible to pursue this course.


For Boys and girls: 17-27 years.


  • Spotless and fair skin complexion is preferred.
  • The candidate must not have any visible tattoos/scars on the body.


  • Candidate shouldn’t have a history of mental illness in the past.
  • Candidate should not be suffering from a serious cardiovascular disease.

 Marital Status

  • Marital status- unmarried (though not applicable in case of all airlines).

Diploma in Air Hostess Course Contents

Considering the above-stated parameters, the main course contents are as follows –


  1. Aviation Training
  2. Airport Ground Handling
  3. Hospitality
  4. Travel Management
  5. Personality Enhancement and Grooming
  6. English Speaking
  7. Foreign Language
  8. Computer Reservation System
  9. First Aid
  10. Swimming
  11. In-flight Service Training (optional)

Other essential requirements and traits developed during study

 In addition to the criteria laid down by the aviation and other associated industries, we also hone and polish some other required traits and skills to assist in getting a promising cum rewarding job.