Air Hostess Training – English speaking workshop

English speaking workshop for Air Hostess Training Delhi

Recently, the students of one of our Air Hostess Training batches attended an English speaking workshop. This workshop was conducted by BSL (British School of Language, Pitampura, Delhi), to boost the communication skills of our students. The workshop was as follows: –

  1. Our students went to Red Fort along with our faculty.
  2. There, they were supposed to chat with different visitors who had come to tour the Red Fort.
  3. Our Air Hostess students were asked to explain the history and other features of the Red Fort to those visitors.
  4. The students enjoyed the activity a lot and chatted freely and confidently with the people.
  5. They also got a chance to meet and chat with some of the foreigner visitors.
  6. Our students shared some important details of the Red Fort with those foreigners and had a discussion with them on different topics regarding India.
  7. This way the students got a chance to enhance their English speaking and communication skills.

Note: The Flying Queen Air Hostess Training Institute is highly obliged to have BSL (British School of Language, Pitampura) to be its English Language partner. BSL has accepted the responsibility to teach our students English speaking, Communication skill and Personality Development skills.

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