Air Hostess Training Course features

Air hostess training Institute, Delhi, course curriculum

Course Features – The courses of our Air hostess institute have been designed and formatted in such a way that they tend to brush up the skills of the students.

  1. GroomingWe focus on the various dimensions of grooming i.e. personal, intellectual and behavioral aspects of an individual. We make them participate in the various activities that not only shape them physically but also foster them to be intellectually robust, mature, responsive and participative so that they get shaped for making a career in the field of Airhostess/Cabin crew, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and other allied sectors.
  1. Persona DevelopmentPersonality is not always inherited, it is a trait that can be acquired too. That means we work on certain features of our students to improve different traits of their personality. Here, the weak aspects of the individuals are taken care of and their language, ethical and communication abilities are improved. The body language of the students is also worked upon. In this way, we also add style and elegance to their personality, looks, talks and walks.
  1. Language skillsWe understand the importance of globally spoken languages in Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality zones. One of the most spoken, understood and acceptable is the English Language. So we improve your spoken English skills. Learning a second language opens up ample career opportunities in Aviation and other related industries. This ability will set you apart from other applicants. So we also teach our students one foreign language.
  1. Job PlacementAviation sector these days, being one of the most critical and high proficiency demanding sectors, is witnessing a surge of increasing interest and awareness. With worldwide liberalization and opening up of sectors for private players, the Aviation industry along with its associated sectors, has gained momentum. This has contributed to a significant rise in the employment opportunities in the airline industry as well as in the related sectors too. So the eligible and proficient aspirants have lots of job placement opportunities.

 At FLYING QUEEN, we prepare and test you in specially designed written tests and mock interviews. FLYING QUEEN also provides placement assistance for its students.